Open “HLT” Workshop 2021

We organise a workshop where we reach out at everyone who is in one way or another related to the computational processing of multilingual media content, and more particularly in the machine translation of media text from and to low-resourced languages.

When? The event takes place on three days from Tuesday until Thursday: 25 / 26 / 27 of May (from 2pm – 5pm each, CEST)

Where? Online

Programme (tentative)

Day 1 – Tuesday (May 25th)

HLT in LR – New chances (Keynote)Alexandra Birch, UedinTalk
Machine Translation in the newsroomTalk
BREAK (15 min)Demo
Open Slot
Lessons Learned - how we developed a new LR model in 8 weeksFelipe Sánchez - UA, Juan Antonio Pérez Ortiz - UA, Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone - Uedin Talk

Day 2 – Wednesday (May 26th)

Ideation (part 1)Interactive
Ideation (part 2)Interactive
Transfer Learning methodologiesTranslators without Borders Panel
Societal Impact of MTTalk

Day 3 – Thursday (May 27th)

Perspectives on evaluation and scoringTalk
Open Slot
Translation in multilingual global societiesPitch
Conclusion & OutlookAlexandra Birch, UedinTalk

Curious? Get in contact

Interested to participate or to give a talk? Please write us via mail ( or via this Google form (“GoURMET 2021 Open Workshop Survey”).

GoURMET is an H2020 EU project running from 2019-2022 aimed at improving neural machine translation for low-resource language pairs and domains, especially for the media industry.