Open “NLP” Workshop 2021

A workshop bringing together researchers, developers, users and all interested parties engaged in computational processing of multilingual media content; particularly in the machine translation of media to and from low-resourced languages.

As part of the workshop we will run a 90 minutes ideation session (“MT for news production and media monitoring“, 26.5.2021 from 2-3:30 pm CEST) moderated by Lei He from BBC NewsLabs. (Registration is closed)


The event takes place on three days from Tuesday until Thursday: 25 / 26 / 27 of May (from 2pm – 5pm each, CEST)


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Day 1 – Tuesday (May 25th)

2pmLow resource machine translation and NLP - new advances (slides)Alexandra Birch, UEdinTalk & Discussion
2:40Machine Translation in the newsroom (slides DW)Robert McKenzie and Sevi Sariisik, BBC NewsLabs Gaby Katz and  Olle Zachrison, Swedish Radio Peggy van der Kreeft, DW InnovationDemo & discussion
3:20BREAK (15 min)
3:30Transforming Africa - How we created a hub for low-resource languages (slides)Chris Emezue, Orevaoghene Ahia, The Masakhane open-source projectTalk & Discussion
4:15Lessons Learned: How the GoURMET Project Developed a Machine Translation Model for a Low-Resource Language in 8 Weeks - run by Juan Pérez (slides)Juan Antonio Pérez Ortiz - UA, Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone - UEdinTalk & Discussion

Day 2 – Wednesday (May 26th)

TimeTitleSpeaker / Moderation Format
2-3pmMaking use of MT in the newsroom - Ideation session (60 minutes)Lei He, BBC NewsLabsInteractive Session (registration is closed)
3Ideation: presentation of ideasLei He, BBC NewsLabsPresentation
3:40Machine translation for humanitarian response (slides)Alp Öktem, Translators without Borders - Computational LinguistTalk & Discussion
4:15Societal Impact of MT - Dealing with bias in data and supporting diversity & accessibility (slides accessibility, bias in data)Ruth Kühn, DW - Technology Management; Nico Patz, MONITIO project; Ksenia Skriptchenko SELMA projectTalk & Discussion

Day 3 – Thursday (May 27th)

TimeTitleSpeaker / Moderation / ParticipantsFormat
2pmHow ready are the tools and models for MT in the newsroom? A look at scoring and benchmarkingPeggy van der Kreeft, DW; Mikel L. Forcada, Universitat d’Alacant; Hala Attig, DWTalk & discussion
2:40Extra Dimensions of Machine Translation: Summarization, NER & Voice TranslationRúben Cardoso, Priberam Portugal; Tugtekin Turan, Fraunhofer IAIS Germany; Yannick Estève, LIA FranceTalk & discussion
3:30European Projects and Platforms pushing MT boundaries MONITIO (Carlos Amaral, Priberam), SELMA (Kay Macquarrie, DW Innovations), Pinitree Platform (Guntis Bārzdiņš, IMCS University of Latvia), NEWSPILOT EBUPitch & discussion
4:15Conclusion & OutlookPeggy van der Kreeft and Kay Macquarrie, DWTalk & discussion

Curious? Get in contact

Interested to participate or to give a talk? Please write us via mail ( or via this Google form (“GoURMET 2021 Open Workshop Survey”).

GoURMET is an H2020 EU project running from 2019-2022 aimed at improving neural machine translation for low-resource language pairs and domains, especially for the media industry.