Green paper saying: A.I.

Meet us @Journalism 5.0

Virtual conference about “Challenges of Journalism in the 21st Century – Automated Journalism and AI Journalism”

When: September 24th, 2020

Where: Charles University, Prague (virtual event)

What is it?

It’s an academic conference that aims to reflect on “the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) methods in journalism”. There are four AI focus topics, namely: Newsgathering, News Production, News Distribution, and AI Ethics. The event is organized by the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism (Faculty of Social Sciences) at Charles University. (Link to the website)

Why are we there?

At 13:30h, our Peggy van der Kreeft (@peggyvdkreeft) will give a talk on “Automation in NLP to optimize editorial workflows for international broadcasters”.

Deutsche Welle publishes content in 30 languages and selecting, enriching and sharing content is a challenge on its own. Our Human Language Technology pilot projects look towards the future, affecting editorial workflows.  

GoURMET is developing MT models for low-resourced languages (and domains), including Amharic, Bulgarian, Gujarati, and Turkish.

Get in touch with Peggy via Email or Twitter.

Image by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash